The Bournemouth Natural Science Society

In the midst of Bournemouth is a hidden gem liked by everyone who finds it. Do not be tricked believing that it’s simply another sleepy little seaside village, this busy town is filled to the brim with enjoyable and amazing activities for the entire household. Especially science buffs!

The seaside resort is lined by stunning Victorian homes, so it is simple to believe that the Bournemouth Natural Science Society structure is just one of them. The structure itself is attractive, however, with its size and special green-colored linings. This perky-looking house in fact holds a museum, a library, and a number of lecture halls utilized to promote appreciation of sciences and history.

Old Fossils & a Mummy from Egypt!

There are different spaces for each branch of natural science. The museum houses pieces of fossils from dinosaurs, mammoths, extinct bugs, seashells, and more.

Among the most fascinating rooms in the building is the Egyptology space. Where you’ll find an an actual mummy. No not the one from a motion picture but a real Egyptian mummy still in its sarcophagus! And there are also a lot of substantial pieces of Egyptian history. This is a sight that not many people get to see in their lives. Think of going back 2,500 years and considering life in those days as you see a real life mummy.

Every space in the museum is filled with drawers and shelves of specimens, making it extremely exciting for visitors to simply open the cases, discover surprises, and learn more about them through the guides.

Living Insects Collection

There is a room devoted to living specimens, where visitors, even kids, can hold all sorts of bugs. This, obviously, is monitored by an in-house entomologist who shares information about the bugs and how to appropriately handle them.


Truly, the collections in the museum is interesting! The extremely passionate volunteers in the rooms make the trip a hundred times better. It is extremely different from other museum visits where everything is fixed and you simply need to check out short descriptions of the artifacts.

Since the majority of the volunteers are members of the Society, they understand a lot about the specimens and are very helpful in discussing each and every one of them. The staff are friendly and patient, making the conversations very interactive. Because of the interesting displays and conversations, visitors usually get carried away and spend more than two hours in the museum.

The Bournemouth Natural Science Society conducts illustrated talks, exhibits, field conferences, and expedition, which are open to anyone interested for more information about the lives sciences and history. Since it is a project out of the members like for the natural sciences, entrance to the museum and the lectures are complimentary.

So ensure Bournemouth Natural Science Society is on your to do lists and permit yourself to get lost in the appeal of science and history!

There are no dining establishments or food shops in the building, however, you can request fresh biscuits, coffee, or tea, and the staff will be happy to serve them for a minimal cost.

Hopefully you enjoy you visit to the Bournemouth Natural Science Society. If you need glazing work done in Bournemouth don’t forget to check out more information about out services on our home page at