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Russell Cotes Art Museum and Gallery – A Must for Art Buffs!

If you’re considering a visit to Bournemouth then something that might spark your interest is the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum. The museum is a local hotspot for art fans. It’s got a huge collection of artwork. It is a historical structure of architectural heritage in and of itself, going back to 1897.

Originally commissioned by Sir Merton Russell Cotes, a previous mayor of Bournemouth and developed by the distinguished designer John Frederick Fogerty, the building is created in the Celtic motivated Art-Noveau style, which preceded and partially motivated Art-Deco in the 20th century. Russell-Cotes is likewise historically exceptional in that it was originally designed with art-exhibition in mind, making it among the couple of art museums housed in a heritage site created for the function that still shows initial works in its collection.

Sir Russell-Cotes was a strong fan of female artists, and the museum’s initial collection reflects this with portraits by Lady Violet Manners, including a portrait of the well known author and poet Rudyard Kipling, paintings by the pioneering Swiss Neoclassical artist Angelica Kauffmann and sculptures by Kennett Kathleen Shaw.

The founding collection likewise consists of 173 works by Edwin Landseer, understood for his animal portraits, historic scenes and sculptures. Especially noteworthy is his 1860 painting Highland Flood’ which illustrates a biblically suggestive gathering of individuals and animals nestling on a home roof from a devastating flood in the Scottish Highlands.

After the second world war, the museum obtained Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s masterpiece Venus of Venticordia. Russell-Cotes art museum also has Albert Moore’s prominent pre-Raphaelite work Midsummer on display screen.

One of the collections that is show in the exhibits is that of Merton Russel-Cotes’ and his personal tastes. On their way around the globe, Russell-Coates and his spouse got many regional paintings and artifacts consisting of a comprehensive collection of Japanese Noh masks and ritualistic shrines which are also on display screen throughout the museum.

They were no supporters of the impressionist movement and no such works were gathered by him personally. However, the collections were consequently broadened to include modern art from the post war period and beyond, with a focus on local artists from the Bournemouth area, most notably Leslie Moffatt-Ward and his painting A Dorset Landscape, influenced by the Bloomsbury Group, a progressive early 20th century cumulative that included Roger Fry, who was affected by post-impressionism.

If you feel intimidated by the stretching collection, there are free guided tours offered. There is likewise a constant rotation of exhibits, workshops and trips.

Those with a love for plants and decorative gardening will also value the gorgeous yards, ponds and Japanese-inspired garden outside.

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Lower Gardens – Bournemouth’s most Stunning Gardens

Lower Gardens is situated near the pier, beach, and the main shopping area. It extends from the town center to East and West Cliff Beach, and it is a five-minute walk from the town.

It is the most popular of the 3 sensational gardens Bournemouth provides. The gardens are surrounded with attractive displays combining a series of aromas, textures, and colours with Victorian style. It is ideal for a picnic thanks to the well-groomed lawns under tree tones that offer relaxing atmosphere.

Year Round Settings

It hosts a year-round range of attractions that include an aviary that supplies a view of unusual and unique birds with excellent colours. A nice walk that has a romantic feel surrounded by pine trees. This walk is likewise referred to as Walk in the Victoria era-Invalids and there is an ancient belief that the scent from the evergreen had the power to cure chest diseases. Something else to note is there is a street food corner, art exhibition and an 18 hole-mini golf. Even those with limited movement can attend as the golf course accommodates it.

Seasonal Settings

Lower Gardens has Christmas activities throughout winter season such as an ice rink. So a variety of visitors to can skate, there is space for all! Younger skaters are helped with the seal shaped sliding aids to assist. There is an opportunity to ride hot air balloon over Bournemouth from here also.

Visitors can see a large rock exhibit available in the gardens from the 1930s. You can take images in the garden surroundings like the pine walk bandstand. Experience the Pier Approach, a lighting scheme developed to incorporate a wide variety of lighting styles. It has bespoke wooden lighting masts that come together to produce an immersive and magical experience.

On the hots days pop-up booths are situated along the courses selling ice cream. Listen to soothing music at the Bandstand provided throughout summertime courtesy of visiting bands.

They also host seasonal occasions such as candlelight illuminations that have been celebrated for 100 years with countless visitors flocking in. The event involves lighting thousands of candles in glass jars that change Bournemouth Lower Gardens into a magical candlelit kingdom. The art exhibition is held here being a reaction to the historical and visual attributes of the garden and finally a kids totally free fun festival throughout summer.

Visit the park and take pleasure in all these activities and magnificent views. Something to try is to come once each season if you live locally as the gardens vibe modifications with the season!

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What to Do at Bournemouth Beach!

Bournemouth Beach is found on England’s South Coast.

It’s one of the finest traveler destination that you should checkout in Bournemouth. The best part is the beach area, its history and heritage are only a short stroll from town.

What to Do at the Bournemouth Beach?

There are numerous things that you can go to together with your family to have fun at the Bournemouthbeach. To add to that there are limitless activities that you can take pleasure in with loved ones. For instance, you can go to the museums, the Oceanarium, play parks, amusement arcades, dance, golf and high-rope activities among others.

There are a great deal of water sports to try like kayaking, jet-skiing, boat cruising, power-boating, and paddling. Or why not do a private boat cruise or a private charter and enjoy the coastal views.

Beach Entertainment

You will discover the very best entertainment in Bournemouth Beach that will make for a fantastic experience. Pavilion Theatre and the International Center for live entertainment for kids along with grownups.


If you like nature, then this beach resort is your friend. Besides the ocean, there are numerous nature reserves, historic sites, ancient forests and the countryside awaiting you to check out. You can sign up with a directed trip offered by regional tour guides and check out the areas along with some concealed gems. There are buses and bikes for hire, however if you likewise want to exercise or simply delight in the walk then, you can go on foot.

Beach-side Shopping

Who else fancies shopping by the sea? People enjoy shopping, however the experience of walking along the ocean to shop for clothing, shoes, belts, electronic devices or whatever you are wanting to purchase makes the whole exercise quite special. You do want to miss out on such a cool experience. Ensure you shop while at Bournemouth Beach.

Road Trips to Bournemouth

If you are a road trip sort of individual then Bournemouth is the best place to go on a journey. Why not visit the country side and wind up in Bournemouth? This fits in completely as you will then have a cars to get to and from the beach everyday while you stay in Bournemouth.

These are just some of the things that you can do during your stay at Bournemouth Beach.

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The Bournemouth Natural Science Society

In the midst of Bournemouth is a hidden gem liked by everyone who finds it. Do not be tricked believing that it’s simply another sleepy little seaside village, this busy town is filled to the brim with enjoyable and amazing activities for the entire household. Especially science buffs!

The seaside resort is lined by stunning Victorian homes, so it is simple to believe that the Bournemouth Natural Science Society structure is just one of them. The structure itself is attractive, however, with its size and special green-colored linings. This perky-looking house in fact holds a museum, a library, and a number of lecture halls utilized to promote appreciation of sciences and history.

Old Fossils & a Mummy from Egypt!

There are different spaces for each branch of natural science. The museum houses pieces of fossils from dinosaurs, mammoths, extinct bugs, seashells, and more.

Among the most fascinating rooms in the building is the Egyptology space. Where you’ll find an an actual mummy. No not the one from a motion picture but a real Egyptian mummy still in its sarcophagus! And there are also a lot of substantial pieces of Egyptian history. This is a sight that not many people get to see in their lives. Think of going back 2,500 years and considering life in those days as you see a real life mummy.

Every space in the museum is filled with drawers and shelves of specimens, making it extremely exciting for visitors to simply open the cases, discover surprises, and learn more about them through the guides.

Living Insects Collection

There is a room devoted to living specimens, where visitors, even kids, can hold all sorts of bugs. This, obviously, is monitored by an in-house entomologist who shares information about the bugs and how to appropriately handle them.


Truly, the collections in the museum is interesting! The extremely passionate volunteers in the rooms make the trip a hundred times better. It is extremely different from other museum visits where everything is fixed and you simply need to check out short descriptions of the artifacts.

Since the majority of the volunteers are members of the Society, they understand a lot about the specimens and are very helpful in discussing each and every one of them. The staff are friendly and patient, making the conversations very interactive. Because of the interesting displays and conversations, visitors usually get carried away and spend more than two hours in the museum.

The Bournemouth Natural Science Society conducts illustrated talks, exhibits, field conferences, and expedition, which are open to anyone interested for more information about the lives sciences and history. Since it is a project out of the members like for the natural sciences, entrance to the museum and the lectures are complimentary.

So ensure Bournemouth Natural Science Society is on your to do lists and permit yourself to get lost in the appeal of science and history!

There are no dining establishments or food shops in the building, however, you can request fresh biscuits, coffee, or tea, and the staff will be happy to serve them for a minimal cost.

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Bournemouth Oceanarium – An Aquarium like no Other!

Among the most well-known aquarium’s in the UK is the Bournemouth Oceanarium. It lies right on the beach in Bournemouth so it’s not something you can miss if you’re doing a beach day!. It is a popular traveler attraction for locals and immigrants with a stunning view into life under the sea. The aquarium has plenty of amusing activities in addition to the most beautiful sea animals.

Sea Life

Bournemouth Oceanarium is home to numerous sea creatures. While here you will have genuine encounters with crocodiles, clownish, different shark species, various stingrays and more!

If you have never ever seen a penguin up close then they also found at the Bournemouth aquarium. They are extremely friendly and good spirited. You can even go to the penguin feeding session that runs daily.

The other animals you might encounter are Cownose rays, upside-down catfish, southern stingrays, red devil eels, red devil eels, all kinds of sharks, piranhas and some Guitarfish.

The otter sanctuary is a special area setup just for otters. The kids will love this and when you are done and require a break why not drop the kids off at the Kids Play Zone and sip on a coffee outside with a lovely view of the beach.

As soon as you are finished with your coffee one last part of the Bournemouth Oceanarium you should check out is Crocodile Rocks to see some crocodiles. The kids will love it!

Digital Cage Diving

Something you might wish to do at the Oceanarium is an interactive cage dive. A very first of it’s kind internationally! If water is not your thing and you wish to remain dry then this is for you!

You’ll be submerged in an interactive experience with a 270 degrees digital cage dive. You are surrounded by three 50 inch plasma touch screen that you can tap to see more details about the sea animals that are swimming by you.

You will dolphins species, seals, turtles in your interactive experience among many more marvels of the deep! This technology also features a wonderful encounter with a Blue Whale!

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