St Peter’s Church – The Cultural Heritage of Bournemouth

The church of St. Peter is one of the amazing churches in this region of England. Listed as an official grade I civic church. It’s located in the city centre of Bournemouth but surrounded by the modern day era. How so? Well being in the city centre of Bournemouth St Peter’s Church is surround by bars and clubs right on Hinton road. A nice sight to see as it towers over the city peaking at 62m in height.

The church was built in the late 1800s. The construction started in 1855 and finished in 1879. The construction of the church took 24 years and was designed by architect G. G. Street. The original foundation was built in the 1840s. Inside the cathedral is richly decorated with stained-glass windows, carvings, and wall paintings. The altar has been described as one of the richest neo-Gothic interiors in England.

Services in the church are traditional and promising, including liturgy, traditional hymns and choral music. There are six choirs in the church: a church choir of boys, girls and adults, St. Peter’s singers, chamber choir and soloists.

The church itself is surrounded by greenery. In the forest there is an ancient cemetery. At the entrance, on the wooden gate you can find a layout of all the buried celebrities:

  • Mary Wollstonecraft (died 1797)
  • William Godwin (died 1836)
  • Mary Shelley (died 1851)
  • Percy Shelley (died 1822)
  • Sir Ronald Bailey (died 1985)

Here is a fun fact, Mary Shelley was actually the author of Frankenstein! The current Vicar of the church is Ian Andrew Terry as we write this in 2018 and he has been since 2009.

The church is well worth a visit if you are looking for something to do that is more on the relaxing side. Why not make it a morning out. Start with St Peter’s Church and since your already in the city centre you in a perfect spot for lunch.


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