Pavilion Theatre – What’s the Experience Like?

The Pavilion offers year-round entertainment and activities ranging from Pantomime, Ballet, comedy, Balls, Opera and other corporate services like conferences, meetings and dinner dances.

The Pavilion is so large that it contains 1012 seats on the raked floor and 420 in the circle. The floor is made of very thick carpet, even though it will be 90 years old in 2019, it maintains its elegant look. Although the seats are generally comfortable, the view from the front row is the best and the staff are very friendly. There are a more restrooms that needed for convenience, some are in the circle, while other toilets are in the main foyer and more are located by the Theatre Bar and Ballroom.

Generally, the Main Building, the Reception and the Ticket Office are open from 10am to 5:30pm from Sunday to Saturday. The timing changes when there is an event (the ticket office remains open until 30 minutes after the event begins) and on Sundays when the ticket office opens by 1pm if there’s an event and 10am for matinees. This is not fixed and any changes can be seen on the Pavilion’s website.

The management of the Pavilion Theatre and Ballroom work hard to keep up with technological advancements. While the option to go to the ticket office still exists, people can go online to see what events are coming up and purchase their tickets at no additional cost! In addition, when shows get cancelled, you receive an email notification informing you.

For Corporate events and other conferences/seminars, there is a team to help you plan your event to give it the professional touch it deserves and ensure that things work out smoothly and your event is a success.

The Pavilion offers Pre-show and Post-show dining services (for a fee of course). However, if you intend to take a drink you must go prepared. The bar is relatively expensive. This is no fault of the management’s. Bournemouth Central is generally expensive and to remain in business around there, one has got to do what one has got to do.

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