Do You Need To Repair or Replace your Windows?

Knowing when to replace your windows is very important. If we come out to your property to do a repair job and then realize that your windows really need to be replaced we will let you know. Here of four ways to know if you need to replace your windows opposed to repairing them:

How Cold are you?

Are you feeling cold inside? Of course feeling cold inside is not a telltale sign that there is something wrong with your windows but if your windows is supposed to be keeping the heat in and it’s not then it might be time to replace the windows.

How Safe are your Windows?

Safety is something that is very important for your home. Your window needs replacing if it’s not locking properly and the lock is un-fixable. If a window does not close property and it’s not fixable it’s time to replace the windows also. As the window could be used as an entry point into you home for a break-in. 

Is it Noisier Inside then it Should be?

If you live in a quiet suburb then soundproofing is not that big of a deal. But if you live in a noisy area such as close to a main road, a school, or in large apartment complex then your soundproofing needs to be on point.

Really good soundproofing in your home means that you should not even hear a low flying plane over head. Getting your soundproofing right will make your life much more relaxing at home.

Double glazing is generally the preferred way to soundproof your home as double glazed windows are very good at keeping noise out compared to single glass windows. If your home is noisy and that noise seems to be coming through the windows it’s best to get a professional to come out to see if there’s any repairs that can take place on your windows or if the whole unit itself needs to be replaced.

Are your Windows as Energy Efficient as they could be?

If you have damaged windows then they will not be as energy efficient as they once were. This means you’re going to be spending more money keeping the air conditioning on in summer and the heater on in the winter.

A good way to look into this is to simply compare your energy bills from the same time last year to this year. If there is a discrepancy but it doesn’t come down to a price increase from the energy provider then it might be time to have your windows looked at to see if there is any repairs that can take place or if the whole unit needs to be replaced.

What you should do if you think you need Widow Repair or Replacement?

The best thing to do if you have identified a window that seems to fit any of the criteria above his to give us a call on 01202 287066 and Abacus Glazing will happily come out to your property to do a free repair assessment and give you a quote.