Why You Should Check your Window Seals

Phil working at clients home for Abacus Glazing

A well-maintained and comfortable home stays warm and cozy in winter. Or if it’s summer time it stays nice and cool.

As time goes by natural wear and tear takes place and your windows are no exception. You might notice that a draft is seeping into the property when it’s a little windy outside. Or you might notice that when you’re standing next to the window it feels too cold or too warm.

These issues can come down to your windows not being sealed properly.

Why is it Important to have Correctly Sealed Windows?

Having a window that is sealed properly reinforces a windows true purpose. And the purpose of a window is to ultimately keep your window free of rain, pollution, bugs from outside, and even drafts. All while giving you a nice view of outside.

If a window is sealed correctly you’re not going to be paying extra money on your energy bill and your home is also going to be safe and secure. Let’s expand on these two topics.

Cost Efficiency and Improved Energy Usage from your Windows

If you have a window that is not sealed properly even when it is closed then you’re home can end up being chillier during cold months of winter. If this happens then your heater is going to have to use more power than normal and this will increase your energy bill.

The same also applies in summer. If you have a window that doesn’t have correct sealing in place then more heat will come inside. This means your air conditioning unit is going to have to work a lot harder than normal and this will also contribute to your energy bills.

Ultimately having windows that are correctly sealed will reduce your energy costs and this will save you money and make your life at home more comfortable as you be living in the right temperature.

Windows Safety

The safety of your home is not just about protecting your family from break ins. A properly sealed window will prevent anything that mother nature throws at your home. What should stay outside, will!

This is not something that should be taken lightly. Some examples of what can happen if you do not have a properly sealed window could be:

  • Rain that gets into your property can gradually degrade your window frames, your flooring and even furniture. Overtime this can ultimately lead to mold build up. This is very dangerous to breathe in.
  • If you live on a busy road or a Main Street you will probably find a lot of dust ends up in your home. This is not good to breathe in.
  • Expanding on what gets into your property from outside if you live close to a busy road you can have a lot of pollution from cars in your home. This is not good for your health.
  • From a safety perspective, windows that are not sealed correctly can potentially be used as break-in points.
  • If windows are not sealed properly than bugs from outside can get into your property. Even if the area you live in has no poisonous insect then it is still a very frustrating and annoying to see bugs inside your home.

At the end of the day having properly sealed windows is going to protect your home, your contents in your property and your family. Click here to see all out services.