Soundproof Windows: Should You Buy Them?

Everyone likes to relax at home without hearing the noise from outside.

At the same time, openings are essential for ventilating a room and bringing in natural light. Soundproof windows respond to this need with a combination of that quietness factor inside your home while not blocking the view.

So what are Soundproof Windows?

Soundproof windows are windows designed to reduce external noise through double glazed technology. In short that is a window made with a thicker glass on the outside and thinner on the inside.

By installing a soundproof windows not only will you significantly reduce loud sounds but you will notice an improvement in the interior comfort of the house almost instantly. At first it will be almost unrecognisable as it’s so good. It’s kind of like when you have a headache. You know when you have it but when it starts to pass you don’t realise. You catch yourself 30 minutes later and realise it passed and you fell great! This is the soundproof window experience. Having a quiet home will make you forget how noisy it was in the past.

Insulation as a Bonus

Efficient insulation is an added bonus.

Soundproof windows are simple to install as long as you have the help of a professional double glazing company. They are also safer than ordinary windows. Acoustic glazing helps prevent condensation and that cutting cold felling. To optimize their efficiency UV and infrared filters can be added or even or self-cleaning filters.

No matter where you live if it’s close to a road, near a railway, an airport or a construction site. Soundproof windows provide you with extra peace, quiet, comfort, and guarantee a more restful sleep. Your overall increased well being will be worth the investment alone.

What Types of Soundproof Windows Exist?

In the UK two main types of soundproof windows are usually used.

Double Glazed

Double glazed windows are made of two panes glass with different thicknesses. This type of glazing is found not only in homes but also in modern buildings located along major highways to really keep offices quiet. This is a good solution for sound insulation but it is less efficient for thermal insulation.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass guarantees good acoustic insulation without degrading the thermal insulation of a window. They have more effective heat loss thermal performance over simple double glazing.

Laminated glass is a double glazing with an extra PVB interlayer. These “plastic” films not only reduce the noise but also make the window more resistant to shocks. Laminated glasses are more burglar-proof as they are difficult to break. If they do give in the film on the window still holds it strongly in tact.

Decibel Ratings

If a window can withstand noise from a range from 28 dB up to 40 dB. Then it’s officially a sound proof window. Living close to the road, railway, air traffic or just when your windows face the street, noise can be a factor of real discomfort.

To reduce the noise you want adequately insulated windows. Soundproof windows are an easy choice. They will simple increase your well being, reduce noise, improve insulation and also add value to your property.

If you are set on buying soundproof windows then you might also want to read out guide on how to pick a double glazing company.