How to Get Rid of Window Condensation

Condensation can sometimes appear on the inside or the outside of your windows. No matter where the condensation takes place it needs to be dealt with as it is a potential hazard for your home.

If you don’t deal with condensation it can eventually lead to mildew or even mold.  And this is far more unpleasant than actually dealing with the condensation issue.

It is not just a matter of wiping away the condensation that has a covers the window. As you are just wiping away condensation but not fixing the root of the problem. The water from the condensation is still going to be seeping into the window frame causing damage that is not visible until it’s too late.

What Causes Window Condensation?

The main cause of having condensation appear on your windows is excess humidity. One of the easiest thing you can implement in your home is to buy a dehumidifier. This takes out the excess moisture in the surrounding environment and that keeps the moisture off the windows.

Something else that you can buy is a moisture eliminator. They work in a very similar fashion to a dehumidifier. They take the excess moisture out of the air and some moisture eliminating products even contain different scents. So if you have an old home they can double act to remove musty odor smells.

Window Condensation in the Bathroom

Dealing with window condensation in a bathroom is a different story.

Generally this situation is solved with a stronger bathroom fan. It is not advisable to leave the fan switched off with hot water is running. No fan is the perfect situation for the breeding of mold. And this is something you want to avoid. If your bathroom does not have a fan then you would want to consider employing a contractor coming to install one.

If you take these simple steps and you noticed that you still have condensation occurring on your windows then it could be a different issue.

What to do if the Window Condensation Wont Stop?

Older windows are generally held in place with caulk  as a sealant. It is an option to replace the caulk to see if this helps with the prevent condensation. But keep in mind that this is a quick fix and not a permanent solution. If you do this it you might actually increase your energy bills as a result. So it’s more a short term solution to prevent condensation while you deal with a long term fix. Such as replacing your windows.

If you have tried to stop window condensation to no avail then it might be time to call a window replacement company. You do not want to ignore window condensation because it can have very damaging effects to your property and your health in the long time as have been discussed above.

We are happy to do an assessment at your property to see if we can help fix the issue and if we cannot we can help with a quote for replacement windows.