How Long do Replacement Windows Last?

Replacement windows that are installed do you have a lifetime. You might be in the process of replacing your windows or you might be building a new property so you are considering what type of Windows to install based on your budget.

Every window has a lifetime. There is going to be a point in the future when the window needs to be replaced. The lifetime of a windows is going to depend on various external elements that you can’t control. But don’t stress out as even the shortest lifespan windows last for a good 10 years.

If you’re replacing windows in 2018 and beyond the good thing is that a lot of window manufacturers have put extra effort into energy efficiency and going green.  This will really help you cut down your energy bills during summer and winter.

So how long will a New Window last?

It really depends on the material that the window is made from. And something else to keep in mind is that it’s not so much the window that has the lifetime it’s more about the window frame and the material that it’s made from. Below is a Rough Guide of how long you can expect to get out of your replacement windows:

  • Aluminum: 15 to 20 years
  • Skylights: 10  to 20 years
  • Double Pane: 10  to 20 years
  • Vinyl: 20 to 30 years
  • Wood: 30+ years
  • Glazed: 10+ years

There are also two main reasons why you might need to replace your windows during this time frame.

Condensation in the Windows

If you are dealing with double pane windows or more commonly known as double glazed windows. Or even triple glazed windows for that matter. Then overtime condensation can take place in the empty space between the two window panes. This generally happens when temperatures vary quite drastically. The gas between the two window panes expands and contracts continuously. Eventually this causes problems with the windows.

What does this mean? What kind of problems? It means that overtime the seals in the window is going to crack and moisture can form inside the window. This means that your windows can potentially look foggy and might need to be replaced or if possible repaired.

Single glazed or single pane windows can also get condensation issues. Those are easier to fix and we have a blog post on condensation you can read here to fix those issues.

Damaged Windows:

An obvious reason that you might need to repair or replace a window is if it gets damaged. This could be from a heavy object striking the window. This could be from an attempted break-in. This could be from a severe storm that came through the area which protected your home but now the integrity of the window is no longer in tact.

There are many reasons that this could happen. When in doubt it is always best to speak to a Bournemouth glazing and window repair company to come out to do an assessment of your windows.