The Great Debate – Double glazing vs Triple Glazing

Double glazing has been a technology in window industry that has been revolutionary. Energy costs have been reduced significantly with the two glass panes model improving the thermal efficiency. However, over time three panes came to the market and this model is called triple glazing.

When looking to replace the windows in your house you have a choice between double glazing or triple glazing. While both options have their own benefits the choice comes down to a matter of personal preference rather than right or wrong.

As a home owner or a business owner what should you choose? Lets explore that…


Both double and triple glazing provide high levels of insulation and will keep the heat in the house in winter and the warmth out in summer. Although the triple glazed is more effective due to that extra ‘third’ layer. In pure terms of energy efficiency it is better to go for triple glazing to help save on those energy bills. Double glazing is however still as effective in keeping the heat in. And still much better than ordinary windows.

Cold weather is not just the only thing insulation tries to combat. During the summer, most people suffer the greenhouse effect. When the sun is shining in during the summer things get hot! Triple glazing is the best option in this case, with a g-value of 35%-63% while the double glazing has 73% g-value.


In terms of cost, both types of windows have their own benefits.

It really depends on your budget and if you are being forced into a glazing repair due to an emergency situation or if you are preparing and ‘investing’ in the future. Installation costs of the double-glazing option is lower than the triple glazing option. Researchers have shown that energy bills are cut down by a few extra percent with triple glazing though.

It is necessary however to take other factors into account when doing insulation installations other than the costs.

For example when your home is old and poorly insulated overall the use of triple glazing is not as effective in cutting down the energy bills. On the flip site good insulation will amplify the benefits of triple glazing. Therefore saving more money in the long run.

The Verdict

The thickness of the glasses also differs as per the name.

Triple glazing has three panes of glass making it thicker. This factor does not automatically mean that triple glazing is advantageous. Thicker glass does mean that the house is more secure from burglary. It also increases the amount of noise blocked out.this really helps if you live in a noisy area.

The disadvantage however is that the triple glazing a lot more expensive to install.

In the long run however double glazed windows are really the best choice since they are more cost effective in the long run. While triple glazing offers extra benefits than double glazing it is not worth the extra cost.

But again that is a matter of perspective. For a home double glazing is a great choice. But if the installation is being done on a 1,000 window apartment building the selling point of triple glazed windows might be a great benefit to have as a talking point for renting the flats or the sale of flats.

At the end of the day the ball is in your court and you might also want to read our blog post on How to Choose a Good uPVC Window for more information.